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Burn injuries can be among the most serious that workers can suffer in Georgia. If you have received a severe burn injury while you were working at your job, you have the right to recover benefits from workers’ compensation.

In order to secure the benefits to which you should be entitled, you might have to fight aggressively. It can be difficult for you to fight for your rights while you are also dealing with the painful recovery from your burn injuries. Some burns may cause lasting nerve damage and permanent scarring, permanently altering the quality of your life. Unfortunately, some workers who are burned while they are working are killed.

If you have received chemical or electrical burns, have been injured in an explosion or have been exposed to toxic substances or have lost a loved one in a burn accident, you can file a claim for workers’ compensation with your employer’s insurance carrier or the insurance carrier of your deceased loved one’s insurance carrier. In addition to your medical expenses, workers’ compensation may also provide you with temporary or permanent partial or total disability benefits. In some cases, seriously injured victims may receive lifetime benefits. The immediate family members of workers who are killed may receive survivors’ benefits, reasonable funeral costs and burial expenses.

At the Law Offices of Bryan S. Hawkins, we are dedicated to helping workers who have suffered serious burn injuries and to helping the families of workers who have been killed in work accidents. Our attorneys advocate for our clients to recover all of the compensation to which they should be entitled, and we are willing to litigate the matters for our clients to try to successfully resolve their claims for them. If you suffered a severe burn injury at work or have lost a loved one, you can learn more about your rights by reading our burn injury page.