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February 2019 Archives

NSC urges employers to address fatigue to improve safety

Workplace cultures that promote long hours and ignore fatigue create unnecessary dangers for employees, according to a report from the National Safety Council. Throughout Georgia and nationwide, poorly rested workers face a heightened risk of workplace injuries. The fatigue report from the council estimated that approximately 13 percent of on-the-job injuries happen because of tired workers. For a large company with 1,000 employees, fatigue-related injuries could translate into $1 million in losses every year due to reduced productivity and more medical expenses.

Constructions' "Fatal Four" cause majority of worker deaths

Today’s construction workers lead dangerous lives, with the very nature of the profession exposing them to numerous areas of potential risk. When construction site supervisors and others on the team fail to prioritize workplace safety, the risks associated with the job become even more pronounced. Sadly, this happens every day across America as busy construction teams race to complete one task before moving on to another.

Portable generators expose workers to deadly carbon monoxide

With the winter months forcing more workers in Georgia inside or into partially enclosed spaces, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has reminded employers about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. Portable generators, space heaters and any equipment that relies on fuel combustion, like vehicles, pumps or welders, produce carbon monoxide. Insufficient ventilation allows the potentially deadly gas to build up and slowly poison occupants. Every year, some workers die from exposure to the odorless gas, and winter increases the possibility of mishandling equipment in poorly ventilated areas.

Workplace safety is everyone's business

There may be a variety of issues Georgia employers and employees disagree on, but when it comes to creating and maintaining a safe work environment, everybody is on board. The employer cannot afford the loss of productivity not merely from the injured worker but also from the potential shutdown of the operation until safety is assured. Of course, to the worker, health and safety are paramount, as is a regular paycheck. These interests are so closely aligned that workers compensation was designed as a no-fault system to address a worker injured within the scope of employment without resorting to litigation.

Tips for workplace eye protection

Georgia workers, especially those in construction, know how important eye protection is. states that more than 2,000 people incur on-the-job eye injuries every day with 1 in 10 of these injuries resulting in missed workdays. Between 10 and 20 percent of all work-related injuries end in temporary or permanent vision loss. The following are just some tips for workers wondering if they are protecting their eyes like they should.

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