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Can meditation help with chronic pain?

Sustaining an injury at work can come with numerous lifelong consequences. You may lose your job, have to find employment that accommodates your injury or not be able to work again at all. The ensuing lost wages and medical expenses hurt your finances. Perhaps most challenging is the continuous physical suffering you experience.

Can yoga help with back pain?

If you sustain a back injury while on the job, whether from a single incident or from repetitive motions over time, then you want to follow the precise instructions of your doctor. Following these orders increases the chances of having a smoother workers' comp claim.

What are the symptoms of a herniated disc?

Herniated discs, which are also sometimes referred to as slipped discs, occur when a crack develops in one of the discs in the spine. Every spine has vertebrae, which are held together by discs that essentially act as shock absorbers. People become more prone to herniated discs as they get older, but they can also occur by repetitive motions placed on the spine over time, such as performing a certain task at a job site for years on end. 

Are people followed by workers' comp investigators?

After you file a workers' comp claim, there is a lot you have to contend with; one example is workers' comp investigators. ABC News detailed the various tasks these investigators have to perform, which includes seeing if workers are truly as injured as they claim to be. Businesses and insurance companies rely on these professionals to make sure they provide money to those who deserve it. 

Should you try to work through pain?

If you have been injured on the job, you may be in pain. Perhaps your back hurts because you got slammed against the wall breaking up a fight between students at school. Maybe your knees ache due to repetitive movements at your janitor job. Whatever the case, you are hurting and afraid of repercussions such as losing your job if you speak up.

Does yoga really help a bad back?

Yoga has been around a long time. About 5,000 years to be relatively exact. Begun in India as a stretching and mindfulness exercise before one sat to mediate, it first became widely known in the US in 1893. 

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