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Georgia distribution centers and warehouses play a vital role in the economy because of their function in the supply chain. However, this type of work exposes employees to many hazards. Facilities managers need to make certain that they strictly adhere to the safety regulations that are enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in order to keep their workers safe.

OSHA has identified falls as a leading cause of workplace deaths and injuries. These accidents can happen when workers fall from heights or on the same level. Because of the dangers, OSHA has promulgated a number of safety standards that facilities are supposed to use in their working areas.

Distribution centers should have guardrails installed around all unprotected floor openings, along mezzanines and on platforms. They should have safety nets installed so that falling workers land in the nets instead of the levels below. Workers who must work at elevated heights should always use personal fall arrest systems. Dock openings are especially dangerous, and barriers should be put up around them so that workers do not fall from the open doors.

Many workplace accidents could be prevented if companies instituted strong workplace safety programs and followed all of the safety regulations. When workers are seriously injured in accidents while they are on the job, they may recover benefits from their employers’ workers’ compensation insurance coverage. The benefits may pay for the workers’ medical expenses and related treatment needs. Workers may also recover benefits to replace a percentage of their former incomes if their accidents leave them with temporary or permanent total or partial disabilities. If the employers dispute the claims, workers’ compensation lawyers may advocate for their clients in subsequent appeals.