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When Chronic Pain Is The Issue


If you suffer from chronic pain syndrome, you know all too well the debilitating pain you encounter on a daily basis. You know the frustration that can occur when going to a doctor to treat your pain — there is often no pathology that can be identified. This means your pain might not show up on an X-ray, MRI or other diagnostic test. If you were injured at work and now suffer from complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) or regional pain syndrome (RPS), turn to the Georgia law firm that compassionately, aggressively and knowledgeably handles CRPS and reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) claims.

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Our attorneys have devoted their entire practice to workers’ compensation law. Bryan Hawkins spent the first part of his career as a workers’ compensation defense lawyer. Now, when he represents injured workers, he uses this knowledge to advance their claims. With his extensive knowledge of how insurance companies work, it’s like having the other team’s playbook.

CRPS and RSD occur when nerves are injured and become inflamed. Sometimes, the inflammation does not subside, and this can result in a lifetime of pain. Because chronic pain syndrome is hard to diagnose, insurance companies are often very difficult to work with in these claims. Fortunately, with our law firm on your side, you can feel confident that we know what we are doing and are focused on obtaining the benefits you deserve.

You May Be Entitled to Lifetime Benefits

Chronic pain can affect all body parts, nerves, muscles and even the skin. If your pain prevents you from returning to work permanently, our law firm will seek lifetime benefits for a catastrophic injury.

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