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Burns: Excruciating And Prone To Complications


Burn injuries are among the most painful injuries a worker can sustain. If you work at the battery acid plant in Burke County or Plant Vogtle in Waynesboro and sustained a burn injury, turn to The Law Office of Bryan S. Hawkins. Our Burke County burn injury lawyer provides the compassionate, aggressive and experienced representation you require to obtain the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to receive.

We offer free initial consultations with a caring workers’ comp attorney knowledgeable about fire, electrical and chemical burns. To schedule an appointment, please call us in Augusta at 706-305-1130 or send us an email.

We Protect Your Rights After A Workplace Burn Injury

At The Law Office of Bryan S. Hawkins, we understand that you are in a lot of pain. We go above and beyond to ensure you feel welcome and comfortable while working with our law firm. Our entire practice is dedicated to Georgia workers’ compensation law. Our founding attorney Bryan S. Hawkins has experience as a workers’ compensation defense attorney, so he can anticipate and respond to the other side’s moves, placing you in the best possible position to obtain maximum benefits.

Burn injuries can result in serious nerve damage, loss of function of the affected body part and painful disfigurement.

Talk to our law firm today if you sustained a burn injury at work in a situation such as:

We know that you are worried about receiving proper medical treatment. Fortunately, Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia, offers advanced burn injury treatment services. Our firm is committed to ensuring you receive proper medical treatment for your serious injury and any future surgeries you may require.

Fatal Burn Injuries

In the most tragic of circumstances, a burn injury can result in death. If you are a surviving spouse of a plant worker who was killed in an explosion or died due to complications from a burn, please talk to our firm. We can tell you about your options in pursuing death benefits.

You May Be Entitled to Lifetime Benefits

Under Georgia workers’ compensation law, an injured worker who has been catastrophically injured may be entitled to lifetime benefits. If your burn injury permanently prevents you from returning to work, you may be able to receive lifetime benefits.

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