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A Neck Injury Should Never Be Taken Lightly


Neck injuries are extremely serious and neck pain should not be taken lightly. Although neck strains do occur, it is very often the case that neck strain reveals an underlying condition that has been aggravated. Neck pain can also cause referred pain in the head in the form of headaches, and into the upper back and shoulders, or even the legs, if nerve impingement exists.

When the neck injury was caused by a workplace event, treatment for neck injuries is often contested by the workers’ compensation insurance company. They are aware of the expense of treating neck injuries, especially where surgery is involved. To get the treatment you are entitled to, you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side.

Neck injuries require the treatment from a neurosurgeon if surgery is required. In some cases, orthopedists that specialize in the thoracic and lumbar spine (middle and lower back) also treat cervical or neck injuries.

We work hard to find the best doctors in your area because we want you to rest assured that nothing has been overlooked that could increase your workers’ compensation claim. We are able to use the Board Rules and the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act to make sure you are thoroughly evaluated and treated properly. Settlement is not our No. 1 goal. Getting you medical treatment and feeling better is.

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