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Do Insurance Companies Really Use Surveillance?


One question we are often asked by injured workers is this: Do insurance companies hire private investigators to conduct surveillance in workers’ compensation claims?

The answer is YES, and OFTEN! In my experience as a workers’ compensation attorney, I would estimate that approximately 75% of cases involve surveillance video after a Notice of Claim is filed with the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

Private investigators secretly video tape you filling up gas after a doctor’s appointment, or simply walking out to the mailbox to check the mail. These mundane tasks are then shown to your doctors to “prove” to your doctor or even the judge that you can return to work with or without restrictions.

It is fine to check the mail and get gas, but be mindful that the insurance company is spending thousands of dollars to fight your case with the goal of mitigating their loss in the long run. If you notice a strange car outside of your house (usually across the street) or a car following you after a doctor’s appointment do not panic or approach the individual.

Be mindful of their presence and go about your business as you normally would without exaggerating symptoms or performing any task that would be beyond your current restrictions or limitations.

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