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Many people living in Georgia continue to work long past “normal” retirement age. While many employers recognize the value in having a multigenerational workforce, there are also challenges in establishing and enforcing safety standards that protect workers in different age groups. Unfortunately, some employers may not be aware of the unique health and safety issues that senior workers face. This can result in unnecessary injuries for this age group.

As people age, certain physical changes can take place. Some seniors may find that their eyesight is not as good as it once was and may also experience a reduction in physical dexterity. In addition, older workers may take a longer time to recover from an accident or injury.

Another consideration is that younger workers, particularly Millennials, have grown up using computers, the internet and smartphone apps. If an employer’s safety training programs are primarily available using these technologies, older workers may not benefit in the same way as those who are more comfortable with online learning.

The reality of generational differences means that employers may need to take a holistic approach to workplace safety that ensures that workers of all generations, technological familiarity and physical conditions have a safe environment to work in. Failure to do this can leave the employer open to litigation on behalf of older employees who suffer a work-related injury.

Senior workers who have suffered an injury due to an employer’s neglect may benefit from speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney. The lawyer may be able to review the client’s case and identify areas in which the employer was negligent or failed to comply with age or disability-related anti-discrimination laws. From there, the attorney may also be able to recommend a course of action that can lead to compensation for the worker.