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Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law


Georgia employers are required to comply with both state and federal regulations to keep their employees safe. A comprehensive workplace safety strategy typically involves employee education. Simplifying safety rules may help employers ensure that basic safety requirements are followed consistently.

One important component of workplace safety is avoiding haste. When workers feel pressured to complete projects in a rush, workplace safety may be compromised. Rushing is often a contributing factor in workplace accidents rather than the only cause because workers who are in a hurry may overlook other important safety precautions.

Attentiveness training is another simple way to promote workplace safety. New workers may not be aware of certain risks on the job recognized by more experienced workers. It is important for employers who are working on minimizing workplace hazards to encourage all workers to think before taking any action.

A third simple safety precaution is the proper use of all personal protective equipment (PPE). It is true that workers can still experience workplace injuries while using protective gear. However, the proper use of safety equipment is a fundamental principle of workplace safety that should not be ignored.

Employers who ignore workplace safety precautions may be subject to fines, citations, rising workers’ compensation insurance costs and lawsuits. Employee training and education is only one component of workplace safety. Employers can also work to minimize or remove hazards in the workplace to decrease the chances that a workplace accident will occur.

Workers who have been injured on the job may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation can help cover medical bills, lost wages and other costs associated with work injuries. An attorney experienced in workers’ compensation may be able to help injured workers obtain benefits by examining documents, conducting legal research, filing claims and negotiating with insurance companies.