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Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 2,000 eye injuries that take place each day in workplaces in Georgia and throughout America. These and other injuries are generally the result of insufficient worker safety protocols. However, by creating a culture of safety, everyone can take ownership of their health. This can work to reduce the number of accidents and injuries within an organization.

Management can remind employees about the importance of workplace safety by talking to workers prior to each shift. This can be a time for workers to speak up about any issues that they have seen or for management to alert workers to any new hazards that have been discovered. Managers can also have private conversations with employees to show that they value their opinions. By showing trust and respect, a worker is more likely to be open and transparent about what they observe.

In addition to making employees aware of the benefits of following safety procedures, they should receive ongoing training to reinforce what they have been taught. Ongoing training makes it easier for workers to recognize hazards before they occur, and that can reduce the number of accidents and injuries that occur. Safety surveys can also help to gauge how much employees know or what they think can be done to create a safer workplace.

A worker who has been the victim of an on the job accident could receive workers’ compensation benefits. This is generally true whether the worker was responsible for causing it or not. These benefits help a worker cover medical expenses. An attorney can often assist with the preparation and filing of the claim documentation.