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Workplace safety is always important. However, many employers and employees in Georgia ignore safety guidelines as they get caught up in deadlines and the fast pace of their work days. This kind of negligence can lead to an increase in worker injuries, a decrease in productivity and even rising workers’ compensation and medical costs.

This is why employers, site managers and safety coaches will want to consider the following five safety tips. For starters, it’s important to create a safety-minded atmosphere in the workplace by providing strong leadership. Employers can then consider sending out an anonymous survey asking employees what they know about corporate safety policies and safety expectations. They can even ask if employees are clear regarding their own duties.

Thirdly, supervisors should set up ongoing safety training as a way to identify and eliminate risks on the job site. When workers come across hazards or unsafe procedures, they should be allowed to speak up about them without fear of punishment. This is where a pre-shift huddle could prove beneficial. Lastly, supervisors can set up one-on-one discussions to the same effect, gaining employees’ trust and showing respect for their opinions.

Even with clear workplace safety guidelines, accidents can still happen. When they do, a victim could could speak with a lawyer to see if they qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. An employee will need to show that the accident and injuries are work-related. If necessary, the lawyer could also handle all negotiations with the workers’ comp adjuster and mount an appeal should the claim be denied.