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Falls from elevated surfaces are a frequent source of injury among construction workers in Georgia as in the rest of the U.S. Nationwide Insurance found that a third of all the construction claims that it processed in the past five years, a number that comes up to over 3,000 claims, were due to falls. This is why the organization was in support of the Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction, a nationwide event sponsored by OSHA that took place from May 7 to 11.

Many construction employers took this opportunity to train their employees on proper hazard assessment, inspection methods and equipment use. Employers who missed the chance will still need to start the conversation about safety with their employees; that way, they can proceed to safety training on a recurring basis. Only this can reduce the risk for falls.

Falls are especially important to prevent because they injure workers in multiple areas and can leave them with short- or long-term disabilities. Employers also have to worry about the long absence from work, decrease in productivity and costliness of workers compensation claims.

Safety training can cover basics like the proper use of mobile lifts and scaffolding. Employees could be trained to use ropes, pulleys and block and tackle to hoist materials up. Guardrails and other protective gear should be inspected as well.

Those who incur workplace injuries may be able to file for workers compensation benefits. These are paid out regardless of who was at fault, and though the state places a cap on the amount, workers could still strive for the maximum settlement with legal assistance. A lawyer may first gather the proof necessary to show that the accident and injuries are work-related. The lawyer might negotiate for a settlement if the client wishes to avoid a workers comp hearing.