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Workers in Georgia may find that heat stress can have significant effects on their safety and well-being. While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration does not have formal federal regulations regarding heat stress on the job, it engages in an ongoing awareness campaign, especially in the summer, to help reduce the number of workplace injuries and illnesses attributed to the effects of heat. Overly hot working conditions can be extremely detrimental to workers’ health, and it remains a major problem. Even in California that regulates outdoor heat stress, these rules are some of those most often violated.

Science is continuing to evolve on how heat affects the human body. However, there are a number of known dangers of excessive heat that can have a significant impact on workplace safety. For example, studies indicate that heat can have an effect on toxic exposure to chemicals. Chemicals may be more readily absorbed by the body in hot conditions, putting workers at risk in certain types of weather.

In addition, there are a range of illnesses that can be caused by workplace exposure to excessive heat. People can be severely injured or even die on the job due to heat exhaustion, heat stroke, cramps and heat rashes. In 2017, OSHA reported that 24 workers were killed by excessive heat on the job. In addition, other injuries can be exacerbated by hot conditions, which can lead to burning metal or water, sweaty palms and reduced brain function.

People may face an array of serious dangers on the job on a daily basis, including those that put their lives at risk. When they are injured, a workers’ compensation lawyer can help to protect their rights and fight for the benefits that they deserve.