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It can be difficult to get Georgia employees to use their personal protective equipment (PPE) on the job. This is often true even when the clothing fits well and is relatively stylish. However, employers may be able to get their workers to wear protective clothing by explaining what it is and how to wear it properly. In some cases, employees may not even think to use PPE because of a lack of training.

As part of the training process, employers should include stories about times when PPE prevented a serious injury or death. Workers should learn that injuries can happen when other people make mistakes even if they are following safety protocols. Ideally, training courses will be supplemented with regular conversations about why safety matters on the job. These conversations can take place sporadically throughout the day or prior to starting a job.

Employers should also give employees time to get into the habit of using PPE without thinking about it. This may require some gentle prodding and constant reminders to make sure that workers understand the benefits of the PPE. However, if employers stay the course, they will find that PPE use will become automatic and part of the company’s overall safety culture.

If a worker is hurt on the job, it may trigger an investigation from OSHA. It could also result in a workers’ compensation claim. Workers may want to consult with an attorney if they feel that an accident occurred because of employer negligence such as not providing personal protective equipment. Employees may also benefit from consulting legal counsel if a workers’ compensation claim has been denied or isn’t being processed in a timely manner.