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According to the National Safety Council, 69 percent of workers are fatigued while on the job. However, workers in Georgia and throughout the country have different views compared to their employers as to how fatigue impacts them. While 90 percent of employers that took part in a national survey believed fatigue was a problem, only 72 percent of employees thought that his was the case.

Fatigue is most likely to be a problem for shift workers in industries such as construction or transportation. The data suggests that those who oversee workers in such industries should do a better job of understanding the signs and symptoms of fatigue. This can help them to intervene if workers are unwilling to take themselves off of a task. In addition to potentially being a safety hazards, those who are tired could be more likely to experience health problems.

These health issues could include depression and anxiety in addition to physical issues that may require treatment. Workers who are consistently tired may also burnout or be less productive while at work. Research suggests that 94 percent of workers in the United States and the United Kingdom experience stress caused while at work. Companies that employ tired or stressed individuals could experience productivity losses totaling up to $550 billion per year.

people who are injured on the job may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits may replace lost wages and provide assistance in paying medical bills related to the injury. Those who have been hurt at work may wish to hire an attorney to help with their case, starting with ensuring that the claim contains all required documentation and is filed on a timely basis.