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Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law


If a company in Georgia hires a temporary worker, it has an obligation to treat that person just like a full-time employee. Furthermore, the temporary agency has an obligation to ensure that the worker is being placed in a safe working environment. Both parties could experience negative repercussions if a temporary worker is hurt or otherwise placed in harm’s way. This is because both sides have responsibility over that worker.

It is important to note that temporary staffing agencies are not required to be experts on workplace hazards. What they are expected to do is to see if any hazards exist before placing the worker. The company that employs the temporary worker is then required to follow state and federal regulations related to safety measures on a job site. This includes ensuring that a temporary worker is trained for the role that he or she is to fill.

In some cases, employers believe that they can skirt safety regulations by hiring temporary workers. However, this is not true, and employees themselves can get in touch with OSHA if they have any concerns about their safety on the job. It may also be possible to refuse to perform a task if proper health and safety protocols have not been followed.

If a person is hurt in an on-the-job accident, workers’ compensation benefits may be warranted. It may also result in an employer being subjected to scrutiny from OSHA and other agencies. Someone who has been hurt at work may benefit from hiring an attorney to help with their case. Legal counsel can protect the worker’s rights during the process of seeking compensation.