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Georgia workers, especially those in construction, know how important eye protection is. states that more than 2,000 people incur on-the-job eye injuries every day with 1 in 10 of these injuries resulting in missed workdays. Between 10 and 20 percent of all work-related injuries end in temporary or permanent vision loss. The following are just some tips for workers wondering if they are protecting their eyes like they should.

Some workers will require anti-glare technology because of the increased screen time that comes with having a technologically sophisticated work site. Longer screen time means glare, which can strain and fatigue the eyes. Other workers, though, will need their anti-glare eyeglasses to have impact protection, especially to protect against flying or falling debris.

Eyewear should be durable, comfortable and fitting. Workers should avoid a “one size fits all” mentality. Those who employ young workers may want to consider what style and color the eyewear comes in. Not having stylish eyewear could take some employees’ minds off their work. Employers who purchase high-quality eyewear will be showing their workforce that they care about safety.

Employees should beware of lightweight safety glasses and should make sure eyewear meets ANSI Z87+ standards, or eyewear that can withstand high impact. It should also ideally meet the military impact resistance standard.

Even when everything is done to maintain workplace safety, employees can sometimes hurt themselves. Victims have the option of filing for workers’ compensation benefits, but this will mean waiving their right to sue their employer for the same incident in the future. The benefits may cover medical expenses and a percentage of lost wages. Once they reach maximum medical improvement, victims might choose to hire a lawyer who works in this field and have him or her mount an appeal if the claim is denied.