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Construction workers in Georgia may take a vested interest in workplace safety due in part to how dangerous construction work is. According to statistics, construction workers are five times as likely to die on the job in comparison to other workers. On average, 14 construction workers die on the job every day.

There has been a 34% increase in struck-by deaths over the past 10 years. As a result, site managers feel an increased sense of urgency to minimize workplace injuries and deaths. Site managers are turning into an unconventional place to help limit construction injuries and deaths. Artificial intelligence solutions are giving site managers more control over their job, making it possible for them to minimize the workplace hazards that their employees face.

AI is helping by increasing visibility, thereby improving workplace safety. Of course, it’s impossible to completely get rid of unexpected injuries, including falls or slips on a construction site, but AI is helping by increasing on-site visibility and awareness. Cameras that are equipped with AI gather and analyze all of the data concerning the job site. They are looking at the materials on the site and the vehicles that workers are using in real time.

This data is gathered by the AI, which gives the construction manager a glimpse into potential problems. Site managers are able to use interactive dashboards to make the best decisions regarding their employees’ safety.

Attorneys who work with workers’ compensation may be able to assist their clients and helping them better understand what workers’ compensation is and how it could benefit to them. They may help their clients see the difference between using workers’ compensation and filing a civil claim. They may also help their clients determine if it is better for them to file civil litigation as opposed to a workers’ comp claim.