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Early in June emergency professionals found a man dead inside the sign of a Love’s Gas Station in Thomson, Georgia. When the worker failed to check in, the manager at D&G Outdoor Lighting & Signs, the company responsible for the sign repair, checked the GPS tracker on the company vehicle. After seeing that the truck never left the gas station, he called the station and asked a worker to check the area. The electrician’s body was found inside the sign. While research into the case is still under way, initial reports indicate the man was trying to cut a wire while fixing the sign, and was electrocuted 

Unsafe working conditions a sad reality

Every day, people go to work and do their jobs, expecting to return home at the end of the day safe to their families, but many jobs are actually quite risky. Losing someone when they are simply doing their job is a serious tragedy, leading not only lost income but also deep emotional trauma. As a Georgia worker’s compensation firm, we see all too often the tragedy that these types of loses create for those left behind.

Workplace deaths devastate families and communities

This electrocuted worker tragedy highlights the fact that many jobs carry potentially fatal risks. While workers can take precautions to protect themselves, it’s also important for employers to stay on top of workplace training and safety. Families are often grieving and are not aware of what to do when someone they love is killed in a workplace tragedy. While the case of the electrician is still under investigation, evidence seems to point to an on-the-job accident as the cause of his tragic death. We express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of this worker.