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This July the Georgia workers’ compensation weekly maximum benefit rose from $575 to $675. The increase became effective two weeks ago, July 1, 2019. 

This is big news for injured workers and their families. The potential $100-a-week increase will have a profound positive effect on families with an injured wage-earner. When a partner or household breadwinner is out of work families are often faced with tough decisions.

Making tough decisions after an injury

Often sports, music lessons, vacations and other enriching extracurricular activities are the first things to go. Next, families trim dinners out and often healthier but more expensive grocery items. But with a $400 a month increase, families will be able to pay their monthly bills and more able to afford other necessities.

Many people worked hard to make this possible

The Georgia Injured Workers Advocates and many other people worked hard to make this increase happen.

  • Known as SB 135, the increase was signed by Governor Brian Kemp. 
  • The bill includes also language that affects workers’ compensation for total disability, temporary partial disability, and compensation for death. 

Temporary total injuries (TTD) and temporary partial injuries (TPD)

  • For TTD, employers must now pay 2/3 of the employee’s average weekly wage. The new maximum is $675 per week. The minimum is $50 per week. 
  • For TPD, employers must now pay 2/3 of the difference between the “average weekly wage before the injury and the average weekly wage the employee is able to earn thereafter.” The employer will pay a maximum of $450 per week for up to 350 weeks from the date of injury.

Who qualifies for the workers’ comp increase? 

If you or a family member were injured after July 1, 2019 you may qualify for the increased compensation. Speak to an attorney if you are unsure of your status or eligibility.