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When our clients are hurt at work, most are left with no source of income, especially if the insurance company has denied their workers’ compensation claim. At The Law Office of Bryan S. Hawkins, we promise this to our clients: We will provide compassionate, aggressive and experienced legal representation for their Georgia workers’ compensation claim. When you retain our firm, help is on the way.

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A Word From Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Bryan S. Hawkins

Finding a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney who will handle your case in the appropriate way can be difficult. Many lawyers advertise that they practice in the area of workers’ compensation. However, the truth is the overwhelming majority of attorneys do not specialize in workers’ compensation law. They will simply refer your case out to another firm for a prearranged fee agreement or try to settle it quickly without thoroughly investigating the details and advising you on your options.

Other attorneys will spend thousands of dollars on silly television commercials promising you that one call will solve all of your problems. Yet, when you go to that office, you do not meet with that attorney, and you are assigned a “case worker” who is not even an attorney to handle your case.

The fact is, workers’ compensation law in Georgia is extremely complex. There are literally hundreds of cases, statutes, board rules, forms, defenses, exceptions to those defenses and maneuvers that are used by the insurance defense firms in every single case. This can cost you thousands of dollars if you do not hire the right attorney.

I promise you that any lawyer who says he or she practices Georgia workers’ compensation law along with 10 other things does not have a clue when it comes to some of the more intricate rules and statutes that are often involved in workers’ compensation cases.

Further, I guarantee you that a non-attorney “case worker” will be taken advantage of by the insurance adjuster and his or her team of attorneys who are all highly trained in Georgia workers’ compensation law. If you see an attorney on TV more than you do in person, something is probably wrong.

I care. I take our profession and Georgia workers’ compensation law seriously, and I believe you deserve better. I believe you should have an attorney who devotes his entire practice to handling Georgia workers’ compensation claims. I believe in compassionate, aggressive and experienced legal representation.

I personally handle every single case, I return every single phone call as soon as I can, and I tell you your options in easy to understand terms.

If you or a loved one was injured on the job, contact The Law Office of Bryan S. Hawkins today for a free initial consultation. I will personally review your case with you and discuss your options without any obligation to retain our firm. If you do choose to retain our services, I promise you aggressive and professional legal representation.