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Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law


If You Do Not Recover, We Do Not Recover. Period.


The workers’ compensation claims process can be complex and very confusing. Employers and insurance companies will try to underpay or deny your claim. Agreeing to a settlement without the advice of a lawyer can result in the loss of rights and insufficient benefits.

Simply put, going it alone can be very costly. How much does quality legal representation cost?

“Bryan stayed by my side and advised me step by step, and he went beyond the call of duty. I have only respect and appreciation for Bryan as an attorney and as a person. In today’s world it can be challenging to find someone you can trust and to be sensitive to your situation.” — Client testimonial

At The Law Office of Bryan S. Hawkins, we strive to do what is best for you, and that includes protecting your financial health by limiting our fees and costs. We protect your finances by:

  • Working on a contingency fee basis: This means that we do not charge attorneys fees unless you recover. You pay us nothing if your claim is denied.
  • Covering your litigation fees until you win: We do not require upfront payments for litigation expenses such as filing fees. You only pay these if we recover benefits.
  • Complying with Georgia law: Georgia law sets limits on attorney fees, requiring that no fee can be greater than 25 percent of your weekly benefits or settlement.
  • Never taking a weekly cut from your employment paycheck: We do not require payments that come out of your paycheck. Our attorney fee only comes out of recovery for income benefits.
  • Maximizing your benefits: We know workers’ compensation and how to maximize your benefits under the law. It helps us ensure that you have the money you need to cover medical costs, lost wages, rehabilitation supplies and more. Others are not willing or will not be able to do this for you, especially the insurance company.

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Do not go through the process alone or without an attorney who completely understands Georgia workers’ compensation law. At The Law Office of Bryan S. Hawkins, fighting for the rights of injured workers is all we do. There are clear benefits to having us on your side. The way our fees are structured, you have nothing to lose by seeking counsel.

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