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Back Surgeries: Spinal Fusion vs. Discectomy


If you have suffered a back injury at work, repairing the damage is your priority. Our priority is to make sure that happens by providing you with the best representation possible in your workers’ compensation claim.

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At The Law Office of Bryan S. Hawkins, workers’ compensation is all we do. Our attorneys focus on promoting your physical and financial recovery by making sure that you are getting the best treatment — and that you can pay for it. If you have concerns about the care you are currently receiving, we know the physicians in Augusta and the surrounding area who specialize in back injuries.

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Back injuries are one of the most common types of harm suffered in workers’ compensation cases. Your injury may be compensable under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act. This includes the aggravation of an underlying condition as well as new injuries that result from traumatic accidents.

Discectomy and fusion are two common ways to treat a back injury. It is vital that you have an attorney who understands the procedures, how much they will cost and how long you may be out of work so that you can recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to under the law.

Discectomy vs. fusion: what is the difference?

  • Discectomy: Trauma to the back can result in a herniated disc, a type of injury that pinches the nerves in your spine. It can cause symptoms such as radiating pain, numbness or weakness. A discectomy is a procedure that involves removing the herniated or protruding disc material between the vertebrae that is causing the pain. It is a minimally invasive procedure with a shorter recovery period that a fusion surgery.
  • Lumbar spinal fusion: When a more conservative is not an option, your physician may suggest a lumbar spinal fusion. This procedure involves permanently joining or fusing two or more vertebrae with a bone graft or metal implant to eliminate motion. It is a major surgery. There is a longer recovery period and a higher chance that you may require permanent restrictive duties.

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