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After you file a workers’ comp claim, there is a lot you have to contend with; one example is workers’ comp investigators. ABC News detailed the various tasks these investigators have to perform, which includes seeing if workers are truly as injured as they claim to be. Businesses and insurance companies rely on these professionals to make sure they provide money to those who deserve it. 

In the event a person has truly suffered injuries, he or she may assume there is nothing to worry about. However, it is not unheard of for investigators to stretch to find evidence to use against an injured party. The insurance company could also use this evidence to pay less than anticipated. People should watch out for potential investigators. 

What do investigators look for?

Investigators check to make sure a person is as injured as a doctor stated. They look for any evidence to the contrary of a diagnosis. For example, if a doctor diagnosed a person with limited mobility and told the employee not to perform manual labor, then an investigator may follow the person to see if he or she is actually limited in mobility. If the investigator were to find this person performing yard work, then the professional would take pictures and send them to the insurance company. The person may have indeed suffered injuries, but the insurance company will use anything to pay less. 

Where do investigators look?

It is not unheard of for investigators to follow people around as they run errands throughout town. However, it is also possible for them to look up a person’s social media accounts. They may look for pictures or posts where a person admits to being in good health. The length of time an investigator will follow a person can vary. In general, it is in worker’s best interest to follow all doctor’s orders and not overexert themselves following an injury.