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Workplace accidents cost employers in Georgia and throughout the country billions of dollars per year. A company called MakuSafe has designed a wearable device that collects data in real-time that can then be used by safety managers to find out what type of risks employees are facing. It will also report near-miss incidents to further help employers create a safer work environment.

In addition to company management, insurance companies will be able to access the data that these devices collect. This can allow them to tailor insurance policies to the risks an individual company may present. If necessary, both a business and an insurance company exchange information gathered. The wearable device will make it easier to monitor situations in a warehouse or other manufacturing environment as it changes. In many cases, lighting, temperature and other conditions can vary just by moving a few feet.

Globally, 1,000 workers die each day while another 500 are injured each minute. With this new device, employers can be proactive about identifying and eliminating risks such as the potential for slips and falls before an accident occurs. It can also allow insurance companies to be proactive in how they price their policies or otherwise reduce their risk of paying out on a claim.

Increasing workplace safety could reduce the number of workers compensation claims made against a company. However, those who are hurt at work are generally entitled to a portion of their lost wages and to have their medical bills paid related to the accident. If an individual is not able to return to work, he or she might receive benefits permanently. An attorney may help an employee fill out an application for benefits or take other steps to help a worker preserve his or her rights.