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Workplace safety is a major concern for all Georgia employees. While safety concerns in industries like construction may be more obvious, workplace injuries in offices and cars can also lead to significant damages, lost wages and rising medical bills. For example, slips, trips and falls cause many on-the-job injuries. In 2014, 660 workers lost their lives after falling from heights while another 138 workers died from same-level falls.

It can be difficult to spot all of the hazards to workplace safety, especially in an environment that people go through on a daily basis. However, keeping vigilant about risks for slip-and-fall accidents can help prevent injuries and even save lives. There are several ways that workers can make these types of workplace injuries less likely. For example, employees should refrain from texting or emailing on a mobile phone while walking. In addition, cleaning spills or clearing obstructions immediately can help to prevent a problem from becoming a bigger hazard.

Falls from a height can also be a major concern for workers. In the construction industry, there are many opportunities for unguarded falls accompanied by raw concrete, exposed steel or open electrical wiring. In 2016, 370 of 991 total construction worker deaths were attributed to falls from a higher level.

Taking precautions and wearing fall protection equipment can help to improve safety. However, it’s impossible to completely eliminate the possibility of a workplace accident. When an injury occurs, medical bills and lost wages can easily mount. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help people injured on the job to protect their rights.