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Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law


Some workers in factories and manufacturing plants across Georgia may wonder about their rights if they get hurt while working on an assembly line. With the complex machinery involved in production lines, there are a number of opportunities for workers to face serious injuries that could affect future job abilities. If you work on an assembly line, it can be particularly important to understand the potential dangers.

One of the most common types of workplace injuries that affect assembly line workers are repetitive motion injuries. Assembly line work generally is repetitive in nature, sometimes requiring employees to quickly and repeatedly perform the same hand motions. Because of the constant activity of specific joints and muscles, one could suffer strain or permanent damage to joints as a result. In addition, workers who have to lift heavy objects on the job could face back injuries.

There are other types of serious workplace accidents and injuries that happen all too frequently on the assembly line. For example, trauma could easily be caused if an outdated or defective machine malfunctions or workers are not outfitted with adequate safety protections. In addition, workers in many manufacturing plants may be exposed to dangerous or toxic chemicals that can lead to chronic diseases.

Workers who are injured in the course of their employment have the right to pursue workers’ compensation benefits. Our skilled workers’ compensation lawyers have extensive experience navigating the system in Georgia. We can bring an aggressive approach to the table that can help you secure the benefits you deserve. If you would like to learn more about your rights, visit our page on workplace injuries.