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Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law


Georgia residents who are injured at work may experience long-term physical problems. They may also experience emotional and financial issues as well, and their families may also be impacted by an injury. There are also direct and indirect costs that employers have to pay when an employee is injured. By implementing a worker safety plan, companies may reduce the risk of an employee getting hurt.

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common among workers, and those who work in mines may be vulnerable to respiratory problems. Shoulder and back pain can also occur regardless of the type of job an employee does. Resources are available to help workers learn more about how to keep themselves safe while on the job. It may also be possible to learn how to treat an injury that happens at work. Employees may also have access to phone lines that allow them to schedule appointments if they need further medical attention.

Reducing the chances of an injury at work takes little more than being aware of potential hazards. Individuals are urged to wear protective equipment and to be prepared to work in temperatures that may be extremely hot or extremely cold. Those who are hurt or get sick at work should report this to their supervisors.

Those who are hurt in a fall or some other type of accident at work may be entitled to compensation. This might be true even if an employer offered safety equipment or otherwise worked to mitigate a hazard. In many cases, compensation is obtained through the workers’ compensation system. However, a financial award may be obtained through a personal injury lawsuit if circumstances warrant it. An attorney might assist an injured worker in either type of case inside or outside of court.