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Teachers have one of the most important jobs. Unfortunately, you and many others in this profession rarely receive the recognition and thanks you deserve for all the time, effort and support you put into enriching the lives of your students. In fact, you may put your life in danger on the job, and many people do not understand that possibility for teachers.

Injuries to teachers are not uncommon. Still, you may never have had someone express concern over your safety or well-being on the job until recent years when school shootings became all too common across the country. While this example is certainly harrowing and could lead to severe injuries, you also face other risks while on the job.

School violence

Let’s look at school violence first. More recently, you may have become more and more worried over the possibility of an active shooter coming onto your Georgia school’s campus. Unfortunately, you may also face risks of suffering injuries if students become unruly and violent toward you or other staff members or while you try to break up a fight between students. Suffering serious injuries in any of these scenarios is possible.

Ergonomic issues

In a less frightening situation, you could also suffer work-related injuries due to ergonomic hazards of your job. You likely spend a substantial amount of time standing in front of your classroom, which could lead to back, leg or hip injuries over time. You may also have to bend over computers or desks to help students with their work, which could also be hard on your back.

Dangers in the curriculum

You may also face hazards daily if you teach physical education or work in the chemistry lab. In the first case, you could suffer athletic injuries while performing your work duties, and in the second case, you could suffer exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals or experiments that could have dire outcomes if not performed correctly.

What can you do about injuries?

Just like most other professionals, if you suffer work-related injuries, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Having these benefits could help you address medical expenses stemming from the treatment of your injury and other financial burdens that may result. If you feel uncertain about applying for benefits, you may wish to discuss your situation with a workers’ compensation attorney who could provide you with an evaluation of your circumstances and assist you in applying for benefits if necessary.