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Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law


Law enforcement is a dangerous field in which to work, but officers have coverage under workers’ compensation. So, if you suffer an injury on the job, you have the right to make a claim and receive compensation just like any other worker in Georgia. 

When it comes to working as an officer, many job risks could lead to an injury, with some of them not being what you may expect. Some injuries are quite obvious, such as those from guns, knives or physical altercations when subduing suspects. However, there are other injuries that you may not realize are a risk but are quite common. It is essential to understand what injuries you may be subject to so that if you suffer such as injury, you can report it to worker’s compensation within the time limit to receive compensation. 

Physical overexertion 

According to the National Police Support Fund, overexertion injuries can happen when you have a physical moment on the job. You may hurt your back or pull an arm muscle when trying to subdue a suspect. You may not even realize you have an injury until later when the soreness sets in. 


Falls are a leading cause of injury in almost every industry, and law enforcement is no exception. Think about everything you do every day. There are many potential situations wherein you could suffer a fall. Sometimes, you have to put yourself into a questionable situation to protect the public or secure a suspect. If you happen to fall and suffer an injury, then it is a worker’s compensation claim. 


One of the most common sources of injuries for law enforcement officers is assaults. You may think this is from altercations with suspects, but the risk comes from other types of assaults. This is a growing problem that leads to many officers suffering injuries just due to being a member of law enforcement.